Becky (keyboards and voice) has a degree in Electrical Engineering with a minor in music from the George Washington University in Washington D.C. having studied piano, composition, music theory, and music history. Early on in her musical career, she studied voice in Illinois and is one of the annual voice judges for both the Rappahannock Music Society and the Lion’s Club Bland Musician’s Contest for youth in the community. She has accompanied the Fredericksburg Chamber Chorale-sponsored Youth Chorale and worked as Assistant Director of Music (Children) at St. George Episcopal Church in Fredericksburg, VA. At St. George's, she managed the children's music program, helped lead the jazz, celtic, and chamber ensembles (voice and instrumental), and played flute and piano for the St. George's Jazz Ensemble. She has worked with local Playwright Malanna Carey to write music and produce theatrical and children's summer music theater productions to include "Jonah and the Whale" in 2010 and "Daniel and Friends (Shadrack, Meshach, Abegnago)" in 2011.

Becky teaches piano, flute, guitar, and voice at Picker’s Supply, in private homes in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area, and in her in-house (Cut-Time) studio located in King George, VA.

Becky adds the sweet sounds and harmonies in voice that complement her rhythmic-style of piano and flute-playing to the spirited drumming and fun-loving entertainment of her husband/musical partner, Slam. The locally-popular group, "Becky Y Slam" performs as a duo or trio with longtime saxophonist friend, Daphne Cashion of Northern Virginia in smaller venues, for house parties, and for private receptions, playing their eclectic mix of originals, jazz standards, funk, and pop tunes with an Afrocuban flavor or “sabor afrocubano”.

Becky also joins her husband, Slam, in playing piano and flute with the Slamone LLC "Family of Bands" to include "Sons of Solomon" (reggae), "Sunset Syndicate" (pop/rock/originals), and The Mark Vollten Project (acoustic folk/rock/originals). See Becky getting her "jam on" the piano and backup vocals for Sunset Syndicate's video, "I Didn't" produced in March 2013 and "I Am" produce in 2014.!

Becky is a avid Latin and salsa music/dance enthusiast -- regularly dancing with husband Slam in between musical sets! She has also played salsa keys for Fredericksburg-area salsa bands to include Un Mundo and Orqueste Curare.